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What to Know About StoneShop

What to Know About StoneShop

You won’t find anyone in the Delaware Valley with more experience than the StoneShop team. Others may brag about “fastest growing” or “cheapest”, or worse, both, but we have been around since 1980, with the same management, the same artisans and the same dedication to quality and service that has kept us in operation for more than 30 years, as Westwood Tile & Stone and now as StoneShop.  StoneShop is experienced in granite, marble and tile solutions.Granite, marble and ceramic tile are durable and long lasting and not worth the risk of a questionable installation.

From the minute you call us, our staff is on your team, ready to guide you through the somewhat overwhelming task of proper selection, refining details and orchestrating your satisfaction with the final product.  Trust your hard earned dollars to the most trustworthy company in the granite and tile industry.  No shady characters, just good value and good service, every time.

Meet The Managers

Richard Holmes is the go to guy for any project where granite, marble or tile is being used.  He has DECADES of experience in the industry and will not steer you wrong when you need technical information.  He will oversee your project from start to finish and make sure the end result AND the experience exceeds your expectations.

Sheryl Harris is the showroom manager and also an interior designer.  Along with her staff of interior designers, she can help guide you in your search for just the right stone with a perfect tile selection to make that dream kitchen or fantasy bath all yours.

OUR decades of experience = YOUR enjoyment & satisfaction