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Five questions to ask BEFORE signing up for granite counter tops

  1. Are the slabs I choose the actual slabs I will get?
  2. How many seams will there be & where will they be located?
  3. Do I need to remove my countertops BEFORE templating?
  4. Will I pay extra to have old counters removed and disposed of?
  5. Do you have equipment to re-polish surface imperfections?

More questions

  • Can I see the layout of my templates?
  • Do you blend the pattern on stone that needs it?
  • Do you guarantee stone installations?
  • Do you charge extra to seal stone that requires sealer?
  • Do you refinish underneath of large overhangs?
  • Are you a Marble Institute Accredited Fabricator?

Five Red Flags

  • Minimum prices even if you have a much smaller kitchen than minimum advertised
  • Unreasonable delivery schedules
  • Samples instead of full slabs
  • Slabs with dull spots and a faded look (commercial grade stone)
  • Multiple bad reviews on web searches, even bankruptcy

Why you should choose a Marble Institute Accredited Fabricator